Grillex Single BBQ - Easy Access - GE

the grillex(r) easy access bbq's are the ultimate user friendly barbeques that easily accommodates large gatherings and wheel chair users in any setting. this new innovative easy access bbq is a must have in all public spaces and will better help you bring together the whole community with no need for anyone to be left out of the joy of cooking a bbq in our great outdoors with their family and friends

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Grillex Single BBQ - Easy Access - GE

  • deluxe
  • stainless steel

deluxe BBQ-A451

DDA Certified, Aluminium cabinet p/coated in choice of colour from Unisite's Colour Chart, Stainless steel fully welded top backed with marine grade plywood for high strength

stainless steel BBQ-A451 SS

DDA Certified, Full stainless steel cabinet and fully welded top, BBQ top backed with marine grade plywood for high strength

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quality & durability

  • Strong stainless or aluminium powdercoated cabinet with stainless steel top
  • DDA Certified
  • Overall size 1260 x 950mm
  • Grillex(R) Inbench Barbeque Unit is available in a 10amp (GXA-10) or 15amp (GXA-15) option
  • Under and over voltage protection with automatic self-resetting
  • Removable Inbench Unit for fire or flood prone areas
  • Adjustable cooking temperature (175 - 275 degrees C)
  • Adjustable cooking time (10 - 40min)
  • 5 second delay child lock feature (can be turned off and on easily)
  • Audible buzzer to alert when Barbeque is turning on and off
  • Very easy and safe to clean
  • Cooking hot plate made from 316 stainless steel
  • Heavy duty keyed Lockwood locks
  • Supplied fully assembled reducing installation costs
  • Fully tested and certified to Australian standards
  • The Grillex Barbeque Plates are covered by their own exclusive two-year warranty
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty (*Conditions apply) for repair or replacement covering structural failures caused by corrosion, deterioration and faulty workmanship on the cabinet

ideal for

  • Parks, Sporting and recreational areas, Tourist parks, Resorts, Multi Residential